Competitive, easy to understand deals that come with great kiwi customer service.

If you're a broker needing assistance finding PRIVATE or COMMERCIAL vehicle insurance solutions for your clients, you need to talk to Insure Direct Today. 

Over 25 years covering New Zealand drivers means Insure Direct appreciate how difficult it can be for new drivers, drivers with convictions and those driving modified vehicles  to find affordable car insurance. The quote process can be complicated and many insurance companies would prefer not to insure young drivers at all. Insure Direct is different.

Many insurance companies don’t understand modified cars, charging high premiums for even the smallest modification - if they will even offer you car insurance at all. Insure Direct specialise in dealing with modified vehicles and know the market inside out.

Insure Direct also know that past mistakes are not necessarily going to be repeated in the future and their skilled team offer both professionalism and the personal touch for drivers with convictions.

For further information or for any questions please contact one of our underwriters.



We are a member of the Insurance Council of NZ and adhere to the Fair Insurance Code,
which provides you with assurance that we offer the highest standards of service to our customers.

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