Take the direct route

We offer a range of options for young drivers based on your type of licence, vehicle and your driving history.

Unless you've done this before you might have some questions about the terms we use. Some of these can be cleared up by taking a look at our FAQ section.

If you'd like to check out whether we cover your car before you go any further,  you can give us a quick call on that too. We'll be happy to speak to you anytime Monday - Friday between 9am - 5pm.


Get the lowdown

Making the right decision is all about having all the information you need, so if you have any questions it's a good idea to have them ready when you call. 

The first thing we ask is your name, age, what your driving level is and what you're driving.

Whether you drive your parents' car on a restricted licence or have a full licence and a Subaru WRX, it won't take long to guide you through the plans and our process and we'll make sure all your questions are answered. 


Comprehensive cover

We've got 25 years in the game and our team are experts in insuring kiwi drivers

Whether you have a modified vehicle or a driving conviction that's led to you being off the road for a while, we'll know how to advise you and make sure you're on the right plan. 

We'll cover all the bases and make sure you know what it means for your repayments. Our forms are easy to understand and there won't be any small print to trip you up! Once you've been given the green light it takes about 2 days to confirm your policy and you're good to go.