Would changing the speed limit reduce accidents?


A report by an inter-governmental organisation  is recommending that rural roads with no median barriers should have a maximum speed limit of 70km/h.

The report, from the International Transport Foruma also suggests a 30km/h speed limit for urban areas where vehicles and other road users such as cyclists and pedestrians share the same space and 50km/h for other areas with intersections and high risk of side collisions.

According to the forum, studies show that for every one per cent increase in average vehicle speeds, there is a two per cent increase in the frequency of injury crashes, a three percent increase in the frequency of severe crashes, and a four per cent increase in fatal crash frequency.

Recently, associate transport minister, and the minister in charge of road safety, Julie Anne Genter, has said the government is looking into deploying point-to-point road cameras to address "the horrific number of people being killed and seriously injured" on New Zealand roads.

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Read the full facts on speed and crashes at https://www.transport.govt.nz/resources/road-safety-resources/crashfacts/speed/

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